PENTA LASER-Performance Year Of 2019

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PENTA LASER spare no efforts in technology research and product development, and continuous to introduce better laser application solutions to the market, try to pass on the economic benefits brought by the laser technology revolution to all customers; 2018, PENTA launched the first 15KW high power laser cutting machine in China, and installed in taizhou, Jiangsu province, which brought  of tens of millions RMB economic benefits to customers; PENTA LASER has developed a fully automatic intelligent laser pipe cutting machine,which been installed in the production line of Xiamen golden dragon bus co.,ltd., and improved the production efficiency of the factory effectively .

Looking back to 2018, PENTA LASER has taken a solid step on the road to intelligent manufacturing. In year 2019 with full of challenge and hope, PENTA will increase investment in R&D, continuous upgrade hardware and software of the equipment, optimize BOLT, FIBER PLUS, SWING,WHIRL etc. models. 2019, PENTA will launch new look BOLT 5.0 and SWING 2.0 with big screen,double PC, upgraded CNC system, completed camera nesting, enhanced speed of anticollision, remote system functions etc. new functions, which make the equipment operation more smooth and convenient and fast. The most big step for PENTA LASER in year 2019 is that complete the test of 20KW laser cutting machine and launch to the market, and this is the another milestone for PENTA LASER.

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