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Author: Penta Laser Release time: 2019-05-15 Views: 2381

Austech is the only show specifically targeted at the metalworking, machine tool and ancillary market held in Australia. The next Austech Exhibition will take place in 14th-17th May 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. PENTA LASER will attend this exhibition together with our agent Mebius Pty Ltd.

MEBIUS PTY LTD a sole agent for PENTA LASER systems and Fiber optics laser sources Raycus. MEBIUS specialise in the installation, repair and servicing of the world's leading laser brands, provide honest and reliable expertise, advice and solutions owners across Australia and New Zealand. In addition to that the company distributes and supports METALIX CAD CAM software. 

Austech 2019 was open yesterday, as a leading brand of laser cutting and welding equipment in China, PENTA LASER focuses on the application in the transformation of sheet metal processing technology, drives development with innovation, and gradually strengthens and improves the international operation. PENTA LASER take the BOLT 5.0 4020 10KW on this exhibition, the same power as the first 10kw which assembled  in Australia in 2018 but with highre performance.

The BOLT 5.0 is a new model of PENTA in 2019, it integrates in the bolt structure that has been performing very well in the last year in the market, a lot of new functions that today are integrated then improve the performances,the power is increasing which up to 20KW, so does the thickness of the cutting ability and the speed of the machine, the CNC was updated that reacts and moves reacts in microseconds and allows to perform extremely advance functions.

PENTA LASER keep developing new functions to be unique in the market. Such as function for making picture quality image with the cutting machine which nobody else can do on such machine in the market, it can make QR codes marking on the machine, can be nested this function within cutting and make one function for the machine to generate a very precise parts and finish parts; new functions like the IQ a very high quality performance of our machines up to 6kw which are able to realize holes as little as 0.2mm.

With the help of this exhibition platform, PENTA LASER has expanded its influence in the overseas market,  will deep the cooperation with the Australian market, and assist the Australian laser cutting market to enter a new era.




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