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2019 Blechexpo Stuttgart

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Blechexpo---International trade fair for sheet metal working



The 14th Blechexpo, in combination with the 7th Schweisstec, will welcome exhibitors and expert visitors to Stuttgart with world-class process competence covering all aspects of sheet metal, pipe and profile processing from the 5th through the 8th of November, 2019. The two complementarity industry events provide expert visitors with comprehensive product and service offerings dealing with all facets of thermal and mechanical processing, as well as welding, joining and fastening technology. Within the shortest timeframe, Blechexpo has been able to gain a leading position in Europe and now ranks second in the world on the list of trade fairs for sheet metal processing.

Sheet Metal Still Dominates as a Structural Material in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

As a structural material – along with pipe and profile materials – sheet metal has evolved into a common alternative to conventional cast iron, steel and plastic constructions. FEM optimised lightweight design and modular component systems characterise the image of modern, material, weight and cost-saving vehicle, machinery and equipment manufacturing – all the more reason to focus on precision cutting, stamping and forming of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous sheet metal at Blechexpo and Schweisstec.

As a leader brand of high power laser application industry in China, PENTA LASER will co-participate this fair with DYNAMIC POWER LASER which is a powerfull agent of Penta Laser in Germany.

Penta Laser is a joint venture of Chutian Laser Group and Italy El.En Group, mainly dedicated in manufacturing and supplying high power laser cutting machine; 3 production centers have been established in Wenzhou,Wuhan and Linyi; five R&D centers in Italy,Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Wenzhou,applied for nearly 100 laser invention patents and developed a batch of international advanced laser equipment. Tope speed BOLT, cost effective SWING, 3D cutting GAN3020, pipe cutting WHIRL etc. are highly praised by the customers. 

In early 2019, Penta Laser successfully developed the first 20000W super high power fiber laser cutting machine in China,which fills the domestic technical blank and boosts the profits of customers.

Welcome to visit PENTA LASER at HALL 9 - 9304


14th Blechexpo
05.–08. November 2019

HALL 9 - 9304

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