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Parts Marking Solution in Metal Industry

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Laser marking has become a standard in many industrial sectors. Its advantages are flexibility, speed, precision, the quality of the etched signs, eco-friendliness. The vast majority of laser marking applications are aimed at identifying products and components. 

Penta Laser developed Raster Function which makes our machine both fiber laser cutting machine and fiber laser marking machine. It's convenient for customer to recording the parts information while cutting.

What's information can be laser marked?

Laser technology makes it possible to engrave all kinds of information about a product. Some examples are:
QR codes;
Sequences of alphanumeric characters;
Production lots and expiration dates;
Copyright information;
Manufacturer's logos;
Compliance logos

The advantages of laser marking:

Quality - Laser markings are perfectly defined and never fade, however much the product is subjected to intensive use;
Efficiency - The needed information can be immediately digitally processed. It is therefore possible to increase the traceability of the processed pieces;
Flexibility - The printed information can be modified and updated very quickly without the need to adapt work tools or its ensuing costs;
Environmentally friendly- Laser marking is more eco-friendly than traditional labeling since the consumption of plastic, ink and glue for labels is reduced considerably, as well as the costs associated with the disposal of unused sticker’s support.

PENTA LASER insist on its principle of quality first, innovation driven and  service oriented, expecting to creat the laser application revolution on the smart manufacturing era. Our laser machines are used all over the world and help thousands of companies create high quality products. Contact us to learn more.

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