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IPG’s NEW YLS-U Series is developed specifically for applications where laser
system size is critical. YLS-U laser provide up to 10 kW average power in the
smallest form factor available on the market. Having full featured interfaces and
safety electronics of the new generation IPG fiber lasers, YLS-U design is
cost/performance optimized, making it an ideal choice for emerging markets. The
YLS-U lasers can be easily integrated within cutting machines. Internal dehumidifier
enables the laser to be used in the harshest of production environments.

Output Power 1-10 kW
Ultra-compact Size
Excellent Beam Parameter Product
Constant BPP over Entire Power Range
Wall-plug Efficiency >40%
Fiber Delivery 50, 100,150 μm
Internal Dehumidifier
Modular "Plug and Play"Design
Rugged and Easy to Install
Maintenance-free Operation
Cost-effective Cutting System

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