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In 2017, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine CHINA market began to move towards to 10kw era.Since PENTA LASER 20kw fiber laser cutting machine world debut in 2019, the market has been divided, some people think it is a milestone in laser processing, others think it is a meaningless gimmick.So how is the 20kw fiber laser cutting machine performing in the market?

Currently, PENTA LASER takes about 90% of 20kw fiber cutting machines market of CHINA, and the most representative customer is Located in Taizhou, Jiangsu Huiheng stainless steel Products Co., LTD. We can understand how huge influence of 20kw fiber laser cutting machine taking to sheet metal processing industry through the actual application.

On December 1, 2019, PENTA LASER 20kw fiber laser cutting machine was put into production officially.This machine is equipped with IPG  20kw laser and IPG 20kw cutting head. In the next two months, the stable performance of this machine has brought an explosive growth to Huiheng, and the sales volume has increased by about 15 million.The gross profit on conventional products is over one million.

Due to the COVID-19, the demand for melt spraying cloth for mask machine has increased greatly, so Huiheng has received many orders for melt spraying machine shell molds.There are two types of special stainless steel, 630 and 431, with thickness of 70mm and 80mm.For these orders, the PENTA 20kw laser cutting machine running 24 hours a day for 40 days without any problems and with consistent cutting results.The 40*24hrs continuity and consistency of cutting, which is of great help to complete the order.Excellent stability, let Huiheng into the "lie to earn" era. Excellent cutting performance and stale running makes Huiheng ordered two equipment from PENTA LASER: one more 20kw laser cutting machine and one set 12kw laser cutting machine.

Taking the traditional oxygen cutting technology as an example, the limit thickness of the common 6kw cutting machine for carbon steel is 25mm,the cutting speed is very slow, only about 0.5 (M/min).In contrast, the 20kw laser cutting machine has a qualitative improvement, in addition to the processing speed of 25mm carbon steel easily increased by 2.5 times, but also increased the stable production thickness to 80mm.Compared to the 12kw cutting ability on thick metal the 20kw machine performs much better, when cutting carbon steel of 30mm and 40mm, the cutting speed of 20kw cutting machine is 1-1.2
(M/min) and 0.5-1 (M/min), which is 2-3 times faster than that of 12kw.

The efficiency of cutting stainless steel by nitrogen and carbon steel by air has been greatly improved.Especially for carbon steel processed by air, the processing limit of 12kw is 12mm,for carbon steel exceeding 12mm, there will be a lot of hard slag difficult to remove while for 20kw, the limit thickness is increased to 20mm and the speed is also significantly improved.The details are as follows:





Increaded by
6 11-13 23-25 92%
8 9.5-10.5 14-17 62%
10 6.5-7 10-13 86%
12 5-5.5 9-10 82%
13 4-4.5 7-8.5 89%
16 2.5-3 5-6 100%
18 1.5-1.8 3-3.6 100%
20 1.4-1.6 2.5-3 88%
25 0.9-1.1 1.4-1.8 64%
30 0.4-0.5 0.9-1.2 140%



Thickness(mm) 12kw(M/min) 20kw(M/min) Increaded by
4 23-25 27-30 20%
5 16-18 25-27 50%
6 12-17 20-22 47%
8 10-12 12-15 25%
10 6.5-7.5 10-12 60%
12 4.5-5.5 8.5-9 64%
14 / 6.5-7 /
16 / 4.8-5.5 /
18 / 3.2-3.8 /
20 / 2-2.5 /

In recent years, the power of laser machine has been increasing and the limit of cutting thickness has
been explored.For high power, PENTA LASER 20kw laser cutting equipment has been proven in the
market.For customers who expect to improve efficiency and increase production capacity, the PENTA
LASER 20kw laser cutting machine will become a powerful assistant.

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20KW,20000W,fiber cutting,metal cutting,engineering machinery,laser  cutting 20KW,20000W,fiber cutting,metal cutting,engineering machinery,laser  cutting