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The First 15000W In Thailand

Author: Penta Laser Release time: 2020-07-30 Views: 2932

The PENTA LASER BOLT 6025 15000W been installed successfully which becomes the most high power fiber laser cutting machine in Thailand.

Nowadays the high power fiber laser cutting machine like 10KW,15KW and even 20KW are become more and more popular in the maket. Thanks for its high cutting ability, cutting performance and high productivity makes customers perfer to buying high power laser cutting machine which to improve the competitiveness to the competitors. 

10mm steel cut by penta 15000W by N2, the speed is 8m/min. Highly improve the cutting efficiency and also the quality.

The BOLT high power series of PENTA LASER with features of :

Smart camera nesting;
Superfast + cutting model;
Unique Italian SM5.7 control system;
Raipd Speed 200m/min,Acceleration 4.0G;
Auto-focus and fast piercing, bur-free piercing;
Lifelong free remote diagnose smart cloud service;
Fully copper and graphite protected machine body;
Super-fast pallet exchanging (16 second finishing);
High dynamic performance and anti-vibration design;
Flight piercing and rapid response technology, efficiency improved 20%-50%;
360° Anti-collision 2.0 (updated version, 10 times faster than Swing and Fiber plus);

PENTA LAESR BOLT 6025 15000W is the first set in Thailand, Congratulates to our customer open a new era in the metal industry. 



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