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PENTA LASER 20000W World Debut

Author: Penta Laser Release time: 2019-04-08 Views: 394

PENTA LASER launched the 20000W BOLT 5.0 super high power laser cutting machine by the chance of the 16th CIMT 2019 in Beijing, China. It was a very good timing because many outstanding entrepreneurs, experts, scholars from the upstream and downstream of the laser industry chain from over 30 countries came to attend the exhibition. It's very honored to launch the very first super high power laser cutting machine under the witness of all the experts in laser industry.
PENTA LASER brings in European laser technology and focus on manufacturing high power laser cutting machine, the birth of 20000W super high power laser cutting machine is another breakthrough of PENTA LASER. After successfully launched the China first 15000W fiber laser cutting machine in 2018, Penta R & D team start the testing of 20000W, by the effort of the team whom have overcame extreme difficulties in technical area, now we are confident to say the 20000W of PENTA LASER is stable and best performance among the industry. It will change the pattern of upstream manufacturing and have an immeasurable impact on the development of Chinese industry, especially on heavy. The cutting thickness is increased, the cutting speed is several times improved, which leads a revolution in production efficiency and creates a new record in the world. 


Technical Support: Jinglun Science and Technology

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